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Better safe than sorry

Councilman Dan Langshaw explains why he wears a mask

NORTH ROYALTON – While he said he respects the beliefs of every individual, Councilor Dan Langshaw recently shared a bit about why he wears a face covering when he goes out into public.

Langshaw said that one of the reasons he wears a mask is because it is recommended based on the guidance of experts from institutions such as the CDC, ODH, WHO and Cleveland Clinic.

“But it is also much more personal for me,” Langshaw said. “I have some family with health conditions, a young child and am a spouse of a front line health care worker.”

Langshaw went on to say that he has a Ward 3 resident who lost their life to COVID-19 and also has recently visited (with proper social distancing) a Ward 3 resident who returned home after being on a ventilator and hospitalized for more than 40 days due to the virus.

“I respect your own beliefs and we can agree to disagree,” he said. “I too want things to get back to normal. But if we all do our part from social distancing, sanitizing, washing our hands, proper personal hygiene and yes wearing a mask for now, I believe that can all be possible.”

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